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ATA Carnet Categories

When Applying for Your ATA Carnet,
Just Remember….

  • The list of goods for your ATA carnet must show a full
    description of each item with any identifying marks or numbers
  • A value must be shown for each item
  • The country of manufacture must be shown for each item
  • Individual weights must be shown on ATA carnets for Switzerland,
    for all other countries a total weight is sufficient

The Specific ATA Carnet Details Required Per Category:


1.  Machinery (non-electrical)

– Manufacturer’s name, Part/Model No, Serial 

2.  Original Paintings / Works of Art

 – Artist, Title, Date
– Medium e.g. oil, watercolour etc
– Dimensions

3.  Photographic / Filming Equipment

– Manufacturer’s name, Part/Model No, Serial No

4.   Jewellery and Articles of Precious Metal / Stones

– Stock numbers
– Carat weights of all gold and stones, individual gram weights of all pieces to be shown
– Earrings and cufflinks are shown as pairs

5.  Engine Machinery

– Vehicle Type
– Engine No, Chassis No , Registration No
– Vehicles are not to be driven on the open road – they are to be used for racing events or exhibitions
– Cars being driven on the open road require a carnet from the AA or the RAC
– Cranes or earth moving machines are prohibited
– Vehicles going to the USA must have a letter from the US Customs confirming that a carnet will be accepted before LCCI will issue it
– Specially adapted vehicles e.g. mobile laboratories or vans kitted out with TV outside broadcast equipment are permitted, but all items inside must be itemised individually

6.  Electric/Electronic + Scientific Equipment, Video Equipment

– Manufacturer’s Name, Part/Model No, Serial No
– Includes medical equipment
– The word ‘kit’ as a description is not permitted on a carnet – all the components must be itemised
-Cables can be shown as a set if they have a low value

7.  Stamps

– Type, Country of Origin, Value
– A copy of the catalogue can be stamped with the carnet No and travel with the carnet as back up
– This does not mean that the list itself can be vague – the catalogue must not be attached to the front cover, as it does not form part of the list

8.  Yachts + Boats

– Type, Name or Identifying Numbers, Engine No
– Like vehicles, for competitions or exhibitions only – not for personal use

9.  Books

– Title, Author/Publisher, Year

10.  Caravans

– Type, Chassis No
– For exhibitions/demonstrations only – not to be taken to ‘live’ in
– If is is specially fitted out, all the items inside must be itemised

11.  Display Stands

– Includes panels and all exhibition items
– Makes must be shown, or state ‘custom made’ or ‘unbranded’ if that is what they are
– All panels, furniture, carpet, poles, shelving must show dimensions
– Exhibition stands must show manufacturer’s name and dimensions when set up
– Stationery items, brochures, leaflets, hand-outs etc must not go on the list – they are consumables and will not all necessarily be coming back to the UK

12.  Clothing

– Make + Style No, Material, Colour
– Size if possible, retail value unless unfinished samples
– Shoes, socks, gloves are shown as 1 pr (unless they are singles)
– If no style numbers, items can be labelled with the corresponding number from column one

13.  Furniture + Furnishings

Make, Type
– Dimensions

14.  Hand Tools

– Manufacturer’s Name, Model No
– Serial No for all electrical tools
– Tool Kits valued > £150 must show number of pieces in column 2, and a weight
– Tool kits valued < £150 need only show a weight

15.  Hides, Skin, Furs and Leather Goods

– Size, Area, Weight
– Style numbers if they are articles of clothing

16.  Livestock

– Mainly horses for show jumping competitions etc
– Horse’s Name, Breed, Height ( in hands), Passport Number

17.  Concert + Musical Equipment (Electric/Electronic)

– Manufacturer’s Name, Serial No, Model Nos

18.  Computer Equipment

– Manufacturer’s Name, Model No, Serial No
– Systems comprising of separate parts should be shown thus:
Compaq Desk Pro comprising of:
Keyboard S/N _______
Monitor S/N _______
Mouse S/N _______- Cables can be shown as a set

19.  Theatrical Effects

– It should be made clear in the comments box that the items are props and costumes
– Any staging materials should have their dimensions shown

20.  Carpets and Rugs

– Size, Colour and Name (if applicable)
– Weight and number of knots
– The Chamber will require copies of the Customs Entry Forms for their files to confirm that duties
– have been paid in the UK, and a letter from the company confirming that the values shown are the true commercial values

21.  Catering Equipment

– Manufacturer’s names, Serial Numbers (if applicable)

22.  Toys

– Manufacturer’s names, Serial Numbers (if applicable)

23.  Sports Equipment

– Manufacturer’s names, Model Nos, Serial Nos
– Includes sporting guns

24.  Antiques

– Usually jewellery or paintings, therefore the same rules apply as for categories 2 + 4, but the year should be shown too

25.  Imitation / Costume Jewellery

– Material
– It should be made clear that stones are fakes

26.  Loose Precious Stones

– Must be placed in sealable packets and itemised by packet
– Carat weights and Gram WeightsTo be set out thus:
1. Loose Diamonds – 30 (25cts)
2. Loose Rubies – 16 (32 cts)- A signed declaration must be typed at the end of each list:
‘We certify that the stones are in sealable packets and that the values shown are the true commercial sale values’

27.  Footwear

– Make, Material, Colour, Style Nos (if applicable)
– All shoes, boots etc can be shown as 1 pr

28.  Concert + Musical Equipment (non-electric)

– Make, Type, Serial Numbers
– Sheet music can be shown as one set


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