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Can I Extend the Validity of My ATA Carnet?

No, but sometimes a foreign Customs authority will allow a replacement carnet to be issued, which will allow goods to remain in a foreign country for a further period of time after the original carnet has expired.

If you know that you will want your items to remain in a foreign country after your carnet has expired, you must approach the host Customs (at least one month before the ATA carnet is due to expire), and ask them if they will agree to a replacement being issued.  If they do agree they must confirm this in writing, as the London Chamber will not issue the carnet otherwise.

If the foreign Customs agree, they may well set down a time limit for the re-export, prior to the actual validity of the carnet.

A replacement carnet can only be used in the country that has agreed to the replacement so once you have re-exported the goods, they must come back to the UK and cannot go anywhere else.

On receipt of your letter from the host Customs authority, the Chamber will issue a new carnet, which will have a new carnet number, and the start date will be the day that your existing carnet expires.  It will say on the front of the carnet that it is a replacement carnet, and will cross reference the original carnet number.

We do not charge a preparation fee for a replacement carnet, but the Chamber will charge the issuing fee, and a guarantee needs to be put up as usual, as it is a new carnet.

Replacement CarnetBoth carnets, and the goods must be presented to the foreign Customs.  Unlike a substitute carnet, it does not have to be presented to Customs in the UK before you use it.  Customs will complete the re-export counterfoil, noting on there that the goods have remained in their country under a replacement carnet.  You then need to return this carnet to us as usual.

The foreign Customs will then activate the replacement carnet, and you will use it to re-export the items from the foreign country and back into the UK. The replacement carnet then needs to be returned to us.


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