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Did You Lose Your ATA Carnet?Substitute Carnet

If your ATA carnet goes missing at any point after it has been issued you can have a substitute carnet issued.

The Chamber will issue a substitute carnet identical to the existing one, with the same issue and validity dates, and the same carnet number – followed by ‘(S)’.

If you had already had the carnet stamped out of the UK, you must present the substitute to Customs in the UK at the place from where the kit originally left, and ask them to retrospectively stamp it (front cover and export voucher).  You will need to let them know the date that the kit left the UK in order for them to do this.

You can then carry on using the carnet in the normal way.

We do not charge a preparation fee for issuing a substitute carnet, however the Chamber charge the issuing fee again and a guarantee needs to be put up as usual.

Procedure for a Lost Carnet After Your Trip Has Been Completed:

If you lose your ATA carnet after it has been used, please let us know immediately that you will not be able to return the carnet to us.

The Chamber of Commerce will not discharge your liability on a lost carnet for the full liability period, which is 33 months from the date of issue.  This is because without sight of the used carnet, they cannot establish where it has been used, if it has been used correctly m, and whether there are likely to be any claims from foreign Customs.

In order to protect yourself in the event of a claim from foreign Customs, it is vital that you have proof that the items are back in the UK.  Providing that your representative completed the re-import voucher correctly when the kit came back to the UK, we will contact Customs for you and obtain a copy of the re-import voucher.  We will then send this to the London Chamber of Commerce for them to hold to use in the event of a claim from foreign Customs.

If the voucher was not completed, or not completed correctly, or Customs cannot trace it, you will need to have the kit examined by a Customs Officer, who will then prepare a certificate of location.  This is basically a statement on Customs headed paper to confirm that the items on your carnet have been examined and the the Officer is satisfied that they have been re-imported.

You are liable for monthly guarantee extension premiums until the liability expires, 33 months from the date of issue.  However, we will always work out a deal on this charge for you.


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